Allosaurus 1


'Different Lizard'


Late Jurassic


9 Metres




North America (mostly)

Allosaurus were big, efficient hunters that reigned as top predators during the Late Jurassic Period across North America and parts of Europe and maybe even Africa. They were the most common large predators in North America 150 million years ago, reaching an impressive 9 metres in length and weighing up to 1.5 tonnes. These carnivorous dinosaurs could rip and tear chunks out of the large plant-eating sauropods and stegosaurs of the time. The enormous jaw was filled with long, serrated, back-curving teeth. Near perfect examples of this classic theropod dinosaur were discovered in Wyoming and called Big Al and Big Al Two. Allosaurus fossil remains are extremely rare outside America, nevertheless a handful have been found within Europe and a collection of theropod fossils in Africa may belong to Allosaurus.[152-144]

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