Spinosaurus vs CarcharodontosaurusEdit

A starving spinosaurus sees a Carcharodontosaurus eating ouranosaurus.

The Spinosaurus attacks with claws , but the Carcharodontosaurus bites the spine of the rival, then the Spinosaurus gives a blow with claws on the face of his opponent, making Carcharodontosaurus exit and leave the carcass of a Ouranosaurus for Spinosaurus .However, the injury in the spine ends up killing the Spinosaurus

Winner: Spinosaurus

Juvenile Epidexipteryx vs Adult Epidexipteryx Edit

the fight starts when the young taking a beetle larvae, then a greater reach and eat the larvae and begin to display the feathers and the largest pursues the lowest.

Then the smaller drops a larvae on the forest floor, the largest descends the tree, eat the larvae that fell but a Sinraptor kills.


Male Majungasaurus vs Female Majungasaurus Edit

The female is feeding on a carcass with her cubs when the male comes and scares the female and the cubs go cubs go, but when the male comes close to a cub, the female bites him in the neck with violent and the male dies and becomes fodder for she and her kids

Winner: Majungasaurus female

Allosaurus vs Saurophaganax Edit

The Allosaurus just kill a Camptosaurus but a Saurophaganax ends and growls, as it is higher than the alossauro.Então Saurophaganax bites the head of Allosaurus, reaching almost kill, then the Allosaurus left, while the Saurophaganax gets the carcass


Not Edit

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